Platinum vs. White Gold: Top 10 FAQs to Help You Decide

Trying to pick between platinum vs. white gold is a common issue faced by prospective jewelry buyers. The two look nearly identical, but there’s more to each one than meets the eye. Read on to learn more about these two attractive metals, and decide for yourself!

Sterling Silver Guide: 11 Essential Questions Answered

Sterling silver jewelry display

Sterling silver is a high purity silver alloy made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Its beauty and practicality makes sterling silver the most popular type of silver used in jewelry. Learn about its history and properties, how to care for it, and what you need to know before purchasing.

Platinum Jewelry Guide: Top 15 FAQs You Need to Know

Rhodium-plated platinum pendants

If you’re considering going platinum for your wedding, have your eye on a platinum necklace or bracelet, or would just like to learn more about this fascinating precious metal, then read on to find out the answers to 15 of the most frequently asked questions about platinum and platinum jewelry.

The Top 15 Different Types of Gold

Different types of gold rings

There are more types of gold used to make jewelry than most people realize. Gold comes in a range of different colors, karats, and coatings, each with their own unique properties. This guide provides information about 15 different types of gold available on the market today.

The Top 11 Different Types of Silver

Types of silver jewelry on display

If you’re in the researching phase of your silver jewelry journey, you might be asking yourself questions like: What is the best quality silver? Does silver tarnish? And how do the different types of silver used to make jewelry compare to each other?