Birthstones by Month Chart with Pictures (Modern & Traditional)

The twelve birthstones by month.

Learn all about the birthstones by month. This informative guide covers the characteristics, colors, value, and beliefs surrounding each birthstone. You’ll also learn how the birthstone tradition started, who decides which month gets what stone, and why some months have multiple gems.

Gemstones Guide: The Four Precious Stones

Four precious stones on display

Traditionally, only four gemstones in the world are considered precious: diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. This guide explores the characteristics of each of the four precious gems, and also looks at the key differences between precious and semi-precious stones.

9 Types of Rubies: Different Ruby Colors & Origins

A collection of different types of rubies.

Rubies are red precious stones formed from the mineral corundum. They can display varying hues and tones of red depending on their place of origin. We’ve compiled a list of the nine most notable types of rubies, with information about their history, characteristics, and value.